Water Damage Cleanup

Water in your home or place of business can cause major damage. Not only can it ruin belongings and office equipment but also to the structure of your property. The damage can be minimized and you can save time and money If you act quickly. A successful water damage and flood cleanup depends on how long the water’s been left unattended too, furniture’s can be saved, and sometimes, even carpet and other flooring’s, but most electronics exposed to water and moisture will probably be ruined.

It is highly advisable to not treat water damage or floodwater in your home or business lightly, even if it only has an inch of water or is just damp, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold. The growth of mold will not only ruin walls, structural lumber, carpets, flooring, furniture, etc., it can lead to poor indoor air quality causing severe illness, respiratory problems and asthma. The prevention of mold growth is crucial to keeping your home’s or business’s air clean and healthy.


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Once the technicians at AAA Emergency Services have gotten rid of all the water in your home or business, they begin the drying process with fans and desiccant dehumidification to help dry out belongings and the structure. If drywall has been affected, sometimes it is necessary for our technicians to cut away the areas that were damaged by water as the drywall will weaken and the back side of it is a good source for mold growth. Baseboards and trim will be removed and if it’s made of a porous synthetic material, it will most likely not be salvageable. If interior trims are of wood, most likely we will be able to save them.

Once the water damaged or flooded area of your home or business has been completely dried out, a Certified AAA Emergency Services Restoration technician will begin disinfecting the affected and surrounding affected areas. We Disinfect all the areas affected by water damage including wall structures, wood, upholstered and non-upholstered furniture.